Major Benefits of Air Walker Exercise Machine

Air walker exercise machine is like an elliptical trainer. It simulates jogging or walking motion with the pedals that move in an arched, smooth path. However, it differs from elliptical trainers because elliptical trainers have different levels of resistance as well as incline settings. This exercise machine functions in a single standard setting. Although it provides fewer opportunities for customization of the workout, it offers several benefits. It can be used by seasoned and beginners athletes because it allows for programming at different skill levels. Apart from body strengthening and allowing for cardio workouts, it has other benefits.

Complete Workout

Since this machine requires users to push with arms while pedaling with feet, it allows for a complete workout which one cannot achieve with traditional elliptical trainers. Apart from working out your upper body, calves, upper legs and back, this machine enables you to engage your abdominal muscles too. It basically targets the legs and arms. It has ski poles which you can pull or push while exercising. On maintaining an upright posture, the machine enhances stabilization of abdominal muscles. This ensures that they also workout.

Low Impact

You might experience jarring impacts when you exercise on a stair machine or treadmill. However, this machine offers low impact workouts. These are easier for body joints. Fluid and smooth movements prevents the unwanted pains and aches while preventing your feet, knees and spine from sustaining injuries.


Air walker exercise machine is typically smaller than most workout machines. It is also designed and manufactured in a way that makes storing it easier. This implies that with this machine, you will save space in your home. You can also move it in your home without putting much effort. This implies that the machine can be used on the back porch, bedroom or even living room. You can even use it as you watch the television.

Aerobic Exercise

This machine can enable you to reach the totals of your weekly exercise. Most experts recommend that adults get at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercises performed moderately or 75 minutes of intensely performed aerobic exercises. There are many benefits of aerobic exercises to your health. For instance, these exercises will elevate heart rate while lowering cholesterol levels. These exercises will also reduce the risk of developing diseases that are related to obesity while enabling you to boost energy, manage weight, improve mood and promote better sleep. Spending an hour on this machine performing low-impact aerobics will burn approximately 365 calories for a 160lb individual.

Generally, this machine is ideal for use as a cross trainer that enables you to enjoy the full benefits that comes with working out the lower and upper body parts simultaneously. It can be used by anybody regardless of their fitness or experience level. This machine offers low-impact, low intensity cardiovascular workout enabling you to tone the whole body and realize your desired goals towards weight loss. Air walker exercise machine is not a brand but there are several manufacturers of this machine.

How to Choose the Best Weight Loss Exercise Program

A good weight loss exercise program should be designed around your individual capabilities and goals. Every year, there are millions of individuals who enroll for weight loss programs. Unfortunately, some of these programs are not safe or effective. Some of them put individuals at a risk of sustaining serious injuries while exercising. Although majority of these programs are advertised everywhere, it is always important to be cautious while choosing a program to enroll in so that you can achieve your weight loss goals without putting your health at risk.

How to start

Perhaps, you are not sure whether you should lose weight. Maybe you have thought about joining a weight loss program for a while but you are yet to make your final decision. Talking to your doctor or healthcare provider should be your first step before you join a weight loss program. Your doctor has the skills and experience that is required to address issues of physical activity, healthy eating as well as weight control. Bringing up these issues to your doctor will enable them to address them accordingly and even advice you whether you should join a weight loss program.

What to look for in a program for losing weight

Long term, successful weight control should focus on the overall health of a person instead of simply exercising. It is not easy to change a lifestyle of a person. However, adopting a healthy habit will help you in managing weight for the years to come. An effective weight loss exercise program should include different ways of losing weight completely. It should promote healthy behaviors that will enable you to lose weight and stick to the behaviors every day. The program should include a plan for keeping weight off for a long time, a guide for developing healthier physical activity. It should also have steady and slow weight loss goals as well as continuous monitoring, support and feedback.

Exercise Floor Mats

Online programs

There are many weight loss programs that you can find online. These are partly or fully online programs. Such programs do not have much information. However, you can find an online program that is structured properly with weekly lessons that are offered via podcasts and they are tailored around individual needs. You can also find programs that are designed with the specific needs of individuals in mind. Others allow for self-monitoring of physical activity through the use of handheld devices which include online journals and cell phones. With such programs, individuals get regular progress, goals and results feedbacks via phone or emails.

Avoid false claims while choosing a weight loss program

While choosing a weight loss program, it is important that you avoid common false claims. For instance, some programs claim that they can lead to weight loss without exercise or diet. Others claim that they will enable you to lose weight without lifestyle changes.

Generally, look for a weight loss exercise program that has been designed by professionals. It should be safe, effective and easy to follow. A good program should enable you to evaluate your progress as time goes by.

How to Choose the Right Exercise Wear

Maybe you have just become a member of a gym club and you are highly enthusiastic about it but you are missing quality exercise wear. Having the right clothing during an exercise session is very important. It makes working out or exercising more enjoyable and efficient. However, you might be unsure of the best styles and fabrics to choose for your type of exercise. This is why you need tips to guide you in buying your exercise or sportswear.


The kind of exercises that you engage in, activity level or your exercise plan should determine the type of clothing that you purchase. For instance, if you engage in yoga exercises, you will need a different type of clothing from another person who engages in walking or running. It is important that you purchase clothing apparel that is designed for the specific exercise that you intend to be doing.

Flexible fabrics

Stretching and warming up is very important for almost all types of exercises. Therefore, look for clothing that will make bending easier for you. Clothing that is made using spandex and polyester is durable and stretchy. Cotton also bends and it can therefore allow for adequate movement. This makes the clothing suitable for sports clothing.

Moisture wicking capability

Even for light workouts, excess moisture and sweat will be a problem. When you want to engage in kick boxing, taking yoga classes or going to the gym, choose exercise pants and tops that will wick moisture away. Polyester and nylon fabrics are ideal for moisture wicking clothing. Nevertheless, cotton will absorb moisture while maintaining your comfort. Therefore, check the exercise wear label to ensure that the apparel that you have chosen has moisture wicking capabilities.


If you are likely to fall or sustain some injuries while exercising, choose clothing that will provide a protective cover to your body. Choose clothing that is made of a durable material that cannot be ripped apart easily. If you intend to spend some time outside or planning to go hiking, look for clothing that provides protection against cold. You can wear several layers of your exercise clothes then shed some of the layers off in case it gets warm.

Choose clothing that ensures your safety

Walkers and joggers who engage in evening or morning exercises should purchased workout clothes that have reflective materials. Reflective materials are important because they keep them visible in poorly lit and dark areas. Lighter colors are the best though black clothing that has reflective panels is the best.

Whether you enjoy participating in rigorous workouts or taking yoga classes several times per week, investing in quality workout wear or clothing will enhance your comfort and performance. Having the right exercising clothing will also keep you motivated. Remember that purchasing the right sportswear is not about looking good or fashion. It is about performance and fitness. With the right exercise wear, your confidence will be enhanced and you will exercise without discomfort that usually accompanies ill-fitting or underachieving apparel.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Exercise Floor Mats

Exercise floor mats are increasingly becoming popular pieces of equipment in fitness facilities and homes. Many people want good exercise or workout routine but most workouts are not effective without the use of the right mats designed for the activities that they perform. When doing floor workouts like core, abdominal or flexibility training among other isometric works, you need a god mat.


Good mats offer protection to the knees, tailbone and elbows while performing floor exercise. However, there are instances when you may need a thicker mat. Mats for yoga are generally thin but adequately firm to enable you to stand on them properly without compromising balance. Mats for general exercise should be somehow thicker to ensure that they protect the spine, tailbone and hips during exercise. Thin-style mats are between 3/26 inch and 3/8 inch thick. This makes them ideal for standing on while performing exercises that can be compromised by softer, thicker mats. Mats for general exercise floor are usually above 5/8 inch thick and they are ideal for Pilate-style exercises and Abs workouts.

Length matters

Mats for typical exercises are about 6 feet long when properly stretched out. A good exercise mat should lie out properly on a floor while maintain a grips of the floor during exercise. It should allow you free movements without sliding. Avoid a mat that curls back to the shape that it was in while being stored because such a mat will not be an asset for your regimen for fitness.

Exercise Floor Mats

Importance of exercise floor mats

Among the major benefits of exercise mats include small conveniences that most people will not mention but are important and they make buying a mat important. Apart from ensuring the protection of your body from the direct impact of the floor, a good exercise mat will protect your carpets and floors from your perspiration. While exercising, your body will produce sweat that can damage your carpets and floors. Since most mats are made of closed-cell foam material, they are waterproof, durable and cleaning them is easy. They are easy to store and they are portable than the puzzled-board-style mats. They are also thicker. They will not be torn or snagged with ease.

Buy the right exercise mats

The ideal mats to purchase are the ones marketed as eco-friendly or green. These are made using recyclable materials. They also do not emit chemical smells or gases. Some exercise mats are made using natural materials that include jute. These lacks cushioning resilience that foam-constructed mats have and they are not suitable for performing floor exercises on. Although there numerous features and types of exercise mats, which might confuse you, it is possible to get a mat with features that impress you by shopping around.

Generally, these mats are important for anyone who wants to have safe exercise sessions. Nevertheless, you should be careful when buying your mats. Make sure that you purchase quality exercise floor mats to enjoy their full benefits thereby getting the best value for your money.